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The heart and soul of AuraLight is Crystal Reiki.

Crystal Healing & Reiki

  Unlock the power within as you embark on a transformative journey with the healing energy of crystals and Reiki. Our holistic approach combines the wisdom of crystal resonance with the gentle yet potent energy of Reiki, offering a unique experience that promotes balance, harmony, and well-being.


Our Services

Michael B.


"I am in my early 70’s and have diabetes and neuropathy in my legs.  I have tried a number of therapies to help, and had the opportunity to do crystal reiki with Jackie.  During the session I was so comfortable, I almost fell asleep.  While she was working I felt my circulation improve and my feet had more feelings in them. She was professional and made sure I was comfortable during the entire session. I will probably try the longer session next time because this was relaxing and very helpful for my feet and circulation."

Emily J.

"My goals for the session were to be open to receiving and I was experiencing physical discomfort from an injury to my left pointer finger.  During the session I was fully relaxed and heavy, still like a rock =), open and allowing.  I felt warming on my heart and a clear flow like water.  I felt a washing over my body moving down toward the feet.  I felt a cooling on my injured finger.  I felt an opening and expansion on my head.  After the session I felt lighter, brighter, and calm.  Also, my goals were addressed extremely effectively.  I recommend crystal reiki with Jackie, anyone could receive so much healing from this experience!  Jackie has knowledge to share in this safe and loving environment."

Michelle D.

“I wasn’t quite sure what a crystal session would entail but I am grateful I went through with it!  As Jackie placed crystals on me I told her my throat was starting to feel very thick.  She explained how she selected and placed certain crystals on and around my throat and used a specific techniques to shift energy in that area.  After a few minutes I felt my throat completely clear, it was an incredible feeling.  It was also an emotional experience for me, luckily Jackie made me feel at ease and supported. My whole throat felt more open than before the session. I was not expecting this, but what a great feeling of release!  Afterwards I felt really relaxed and also comfortably balanced.  It was a wonderful session for me and I look forward to another. ”

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